A new landmark in Jönköping, Sweden 

SPIRA Jönköping

Follow the construction on www.lj.se/kulturhusetspira 

Facts about the Spira building:
  • Building cost 348 million SEK
  • Approximately 67 million SEK will be added for furnishings, equipment and artistic decoration.
  • The area is 15 000 square meters.
  • The theatre includes four stages with seating for 860, 420, 150 and 100 people. There are also big spaces for dressing rooms, offices, cafe/restaurant.
  • Wingårdh Architects AB has designed the building.
  • Landstingsfastigheter is the building owner.
  • PEAB AB is the general contractor.

Only one year from now, the new culture building "Spira" in Jönköping, Sweden, will be ready. It is a futuristic dream of glass and concrete and it will be the city's new landmark. Fläkt Woods is a proud supplier of the entire ventilation chain, from the ventilation unit to the actuators at the end of the system.

"This is the biggest single project we have supplied equipment to over my 26 years in Fläkt Woods. Almost everything in our entire product range is represented in this order", summarizes the company's regional manager, Ulf Ekedahl.

Beautifully located next to Lake Munksjön the seven-story arts center is now under construction. The building is designed to be beautiful from all sides, and is already looking great with a special transparency and shape. In October 2010 came the glittering facade of 6500 square metres of orange, white and yellow coloured glass. And last week the glass artist Ingegerd Raman came for a visit to try out the material for the large glass lamp that she is creating for the main foyer.

When everything is ready the building will accommodate the Jönköping theatre, a restaurant and at the same time function as the headquarters for the regional Småland's Music & Theatre employees. The building's name, "Spira", which in English means "grow" or "aspire", reflects in the striking interior and exterior, but it should also reflect the culture's ability and power to get new ideas and experiences to emerge.

Behind the building are some of the nation's leading architects, Gert Wingårdh, Jonas Edblad and Ingrid Gunnarsson from Wingårdh Architects. All surfaces that are accessible to the public should be characterized by space and light, decorated in natural Scandinavian materials such as pine and limestone.

There has been a focused effort to create a house of culture that is a step into the future. The plan has focused on giving it a distinct environmental profile. Only environmentally approved construction materials were used and optimum energy efficiency has been the key word for the building. Both district heating and district cooling will be available and on the roof is 1500 square metres of solar cells to provide energy. The surplus will be distributed to buildings in the city via the local energy company Jönköping Energy’s electricity grid.

The developer, Landstingsfastigheter, has been very clear in their demands: Adjustable temperature indoors where possible and individually controlled air circulation, especially in the public areas of the building, are clearly specified.

Cooperation with Sydtotal AB, which is the contractor on the air side, has been very successful, as with the main contractor PEAB.

"This is Jönköping’s most spectacular building, and we are of course very proud to deliver our products and system solution. The most unique thing about this project for us is that we have almost our entire product range in one building", said Ulf Ekedahl.

In addition, Fläkt Woods’ factory just a few miles away, gives the company a unique reference to show to its visitors who come from all over the world.

The spectacular building will be ready in November 2011.
The following Fläkt Woods products are used in the building:

  • eQ air handling units
  • Fire dampers
  • Flow variators EMSS
  • Supply and exhaust diffusers GPD
  • Supply air grille SV
  • Activent displacement
  • Integrated chilled beams IQID
  • Convection chilled beams QPBA
  • Roof fans STEF
  • Fan coils QFDK
  • Fan coils QZMF
  • Silencers BAKR
  • Exhaust devices USR