Fläkt Woods extends product range to better serve customers

Fläkt Woods is pleased to announce extension of its e³ product range with new energy efficient air curtains.

The air curtains will provide energy savings through optimized integration of centrifugal or tangential fans, coils and intelligent controls, serving a wide range of customers and applications. The air curtains serving an airflow up to 5000 m³/h / m length of air curtain can be installed vertically or horizontally and includes double jet systems for large entrances, custom tailored design products and special products for special application e.g. adapted to evolving doors).

Fläkt Woods’ CEO Mr. Didier Forget says: “Air curtain is an important product group that we previously outsourced. By securing our own production we will create value by applying Fläkt Woods renowned expertise in air technology to a product range that historically has seen few innovations. This way Fläkt Woods plans to be able to deliver greater energy efficiency to the benefit of our customers.”

The air curtains have been developed in cooperation with Mr. Gert Stegmaier who has extensive experience developing and marketing air curtains. Mr. Gert Stegmaier says: “Fläkt Woods is a partner of choice to further develop the functionality and the all-important air flow management of air curtains. Through combined effort further development of the air curtain product range including innovations will likely be introduced in several markets over the coming next years.”

The new product line will initially be available to our Italian customers and the intention is to quickly make the product available also in other markets.

For more information, please contact:

Roberto Zattoni
Managing Director, Italy
Via Pacinotti, 28
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano
Tel: +39-02-61860922
E-mail: roberto.zattoni@flaktwoods.com

Torsten Sondergaard
Business Development and Corporate Communications Director
Head Office
Avenue Louis Casaï, 18
Tel. 0041 22 309 3808
E-mail: torsten.sondergaard@flaktwoods.com



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