Fläkt Woods’ heating and cooling system installed in PayPal’s new facility

PayPal has recently secured its third site in Ireland with the opening of the Dundalk European Operations Centre (13 450 m2), employing 1 000 people. The operations floor is now equipped with Fläkt Woods’ Activent/ Dirivent Heating and Cooling System, ensuring the space is maintained at comfort levels of 21°C and velocities of less than 0.25 m/s in the occupied zone.

This is all maintained by an air system located at high level within the 9m high space and meeting the client’s explicit requirement that no distribution ductwork should be located below the roof truss steelwork thereby infringing on the aesthetics of the occupied space.

The system comprises of 6 Fläkt Woods eQ type air handling units, all delivered with a full complement of factory fitted controls, ensuring the plug and play option for the client is fulfilled. Each AHU serves a distribution system of Activent ductwork, evenly distributing the conditioned air into the space and providing comfort cooling during the summer months. In winter, when stratification becomes an issue, the Dirivent system is then utilized to ensure the air heats the entire space evenly without overheating the ceiling space. This close control of the entire room condition, from ceiling to floor, maximizes energy usage and secures occupancy environmental satisfaction. To ensure environmental conditions were met, the full building was simulated by our CFD applications team located at our UK headquarters in Colchester. A number of weeks were spent constructing the roof steelwork system within the software package to ensure the air distribution would not be compromised by this elaborate element of the building structure. The full system was then simulated in both heating and cooling mode, with an analysis of the results carried out in conjunction with the consulting engineers, Ethos Engineering Ltd.

Fläkt Woods (Irl) Ltd also provided the additional air handling requirements for the building, along with 4 free cooling 750Kw Climaveneta air cooled chillers, which were required to meet the buildings extensive cooling load.

Advantages of System

• Activent / Dirivent cuts operating costs

The reduction of primary airflow means smaller air handling systems and reduced power consumption. These contribute towards making Activent / Dirivent operating costs lower than those of other systems.

• Activent / Dirivent cuts your energy consumption

By reducing temperature differences (de-stratification) this system helps eliminate drafts, creates a better working environment and reduces energy consumption.

Activent / Dirivent System
The Fläkt Woods Activent / Dirivent system is a high bay air distribution system capable of moving large volumes of air over long distances without the need for extensive duct runs. Activent / Dirivent provides full control over temperature and airflow in all types of premises with ceiling heights above 3 meters and up to 12 meters.

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