The new eQ PRIME offers premier cost and energy savings 



Fläkt Woods, a leading global supplier of energy efficient air climate and ventilation systems, has launched the new eQ PRIME range of air handling units, designed to reduce capital costs and optimise energy savings. Available in eight sizes, the eQ PRIME is compact in size, fully controllable and capable of providing nominal airflows between 0.4m3/s to 6.0m3/s. 

The eQ PRIME contains newly engineered, maximum energy efficient permanent magnet motors (IE4 compliant) which contribute to lowering specific fan power volume (SFPv) and potentially reducing the overall size of the unit. Another new component is the world renowned Semco rotary energy recovery wheel, which due to its high levels of moisture transfer and thermal efficiency, can help reduce boiler and chiller loads.  Units also feature a Class F7 supply/extract air filter, providing a clean indoor environment, while protecting the interior workings from airborne debris.

Fully compatible with Building Management Systems, the eQ PRIME also benefits from a variety of control and adjustment functions, including an energy monitoring system, energy saving summer night cooling mode, temperature regulation and cooling recovery. Additional functions are CAV fan flow control, filter monitoring and external fire alarm.

To simplify installation and reduce onsite costs, the unit is delivered ready-mounted on a single base frame, which can be separated into three parts if necessary. The four smallest models have externally-mounted, intelligent control systems, while the four largest units each have these integrated inside the chassis.

Once air has travelled through the eQ PRIME’s fan, it then passes across the cased coils, which are put under positive pressure to remove any condensation, while ensuring a consistent level of air flow and temperature.  Cased coils also reduce much of the installation work involved in supporting, connecting and insulating ducting components. Units can also be transported to the plant room completely assembled or, in circumstances where access is limited, in a series of easy to assemble ‘blocks’. Fläkt Woods also takes care of commissioning and the initial start-up procedure, customising the control settings for optimum energy efficiency and maximising the operating life of the units.

Furthermore, upon completion of the commissioning procedure by Fläkt Woods, the eQ PRIME can be monitored online via the eQ Smart Web, which constantly checks the health, readiness and performance of the unit every day of the year. The software also allows for the adjustment of set points and schedules, while minimising downtime and reducing emergency visits. The eQ PRIME is equipped with latest technology to enable BIM to be downloaded from Fläkt Woods selection program (ACON).

Commenting on the new product range, Dene Kent, Managing Director of Air Climate Solutions at Fläkt Woods, said: “The eQ PRIME is an impressive addition to our range of air handling units and will appeal to consultants because of its energy saving design, reduced physical footprint and controllability. Similarly, contractors will appreciate the products for their ease of installation and the economic benefits from the high efficiency heating and cooling technologies on offer.”

There are also a variety of optional accessories that can be delivered with the eQ PRIME, such as adjustable feet for the base frame, VAV fan pressure control and a timer for extended or forced operation. Additional façade and room sensors for night cooling or heating are also available, as is a CO2 sensor, PIR movement detector and zone control. Plus, a frost protector for the heating coil and/or a separate smoke detector and fire damper with accompanying control unit can be added if required.

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