The new R&D complex of Samsung Electronics is awarded to Fläkt Woods

Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s largest companies in electronics and information technology, has been keeping the market leader position and now tries to make it concrete with the newly established Research & Development complex where the next generation technology will be studied.


In spite of the global economic recession, Samsung had decided not to downsize the investment plan for core technology. In December 2011, Samsung had a groundbreaking ceremony of their new buildings to be located in “Samsung Digital City”, hoping that it will be the place to bring the technology synergy by bringing around 10,000 researchers and engineers together.
Following the R3 complex for information technology and R4 complex for digital media, the new one, named R5, will consist of two twin buildings. In total, they will have 30 stories each with 300,000 square meter space. There will also be an interconnection underpass between the three complexes.
Based on the proved performance under 24 hour operation per day, which is one of the critical success factors of this project, Samsung Electronics asked Fläkt Woods to be involved from the initial stage of engineering design. The main target was to provide a compact air handling solution with excellent indoor air quality and low noise.

Fläkt Woods proposed energy efficient air handling units with two customized characteristics - panels made with perforated inner sheet metal for low noise and charged corpuscle filters for high indoor air quality.
Along with main sound attenuators to be installed at the fan discharge, the perforated inner sheet in the units will play a role of secondary noise reducer to decrease the overall sound level. The charged corpuscle filter is another challenge to meet the customer’s requirement. The specialized filtering system using high voltage and high frequency will make the indoor air extremely clean in order to provide a perfect environment for tests and experiments in the laboratories.
On the basis of Fläkt Woods’ own engineering capability, the strong cooperation with reliable component suppliers was another success factor to ensure Samsung of the satisfactory performance of Fläkt Woods’ solution. The delivery will be effected from March 2012 to August 2012 on knock-down basis following the construction schedule and the R5 complex is to be finished in May 2013.