TopMaster teaching energy efficiency


Fläkt Woods is supplying its bespoke Topmaster modular air handling systems, as well as its eQ air handling units, for the ventilation requirements on Croydon Council Urban Regeneration Vehicle’s (CCURV) cornerstone project, Bernard Weatherill House. The new, sustainable and efficient building will consist of 240,000sq.ft of BREEAM Excellent office space and customer access points.

CCURV is a 25 year joint venture between John Laing and Croydon Council, which will see further phases completed across the borough throughout the life of the partnership to satisfy the Croydon town masterplan.

The TopMaster is a compact modular unit manufactured in two sizes that requires minimal space and with an air flow range up to 0,5 m3 /s. Its condensed dimensions and low sound output provide great flexibility in the location of the unit.

All duct connections are on top of the unit, which has direct-driven supply and extract air fans, supply and extract air filters and a rotary heat exchanger. The control system is integrated within the unit and is ready for use with a large number of functions.

The TopMaster is always supplied with its integrated control equipment. All internal components are pre-connected and the unit is factory tested. Like other Fläkt Woods products, the Topmster is designed to reduce energy consumption. So with increasing energy prices, its benefits will continue over the lifetime of the product.

The eQ range from Fläkt Woods is a modern, highly adaptable air handling unit, offering a selection of state-of-the-art features; intelligent controls, energy efficient components and a flexible design.

Bernard Weatherill House

Sir Robert McAlpine is constructing the new office accommodation, which is designed to allow Croydon Council to provide a better and more co-ordinated service to its residents. Construction started in March 2010 on the BREEAM excellent office building and is due for completion in spring 2013.

EPR Architects created a layout based on a central atrium, allowing the waiting public to experience the building more fully. The building’s sustainable design requirements formed a central part of qualification requests for suppliers of products to the building.

All air handling units and components from Fläkt Woods are designed, tested and manufactured to the applicable standards, including quality assurance system ISO 9001 and environmental management system ISO 14001.

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