Ambient Scenting Systems: Enhanced well being from Fläkt Woods

The process of creating fine fragrances for the skin has been well established for hundreds of years and now supports a multi-billion dollar industry. The scenting of rooms and buildings has also been going on for many years, but in the last few years this form of scenting has become increasingly popular. European consumers are today spending, in real terms, 5 times more per person on scenting their homes than they did 10 years ago. This scenting generally takes the form of scented candles, aerosol sprays and what are known as “plug-in devices”.

The latest market to emerge however is the scenting of large commercial spaces, such as hotels, social venues, retail stores and offices. This has been driven by substantial research highlighting the psychological and physiological impact of scent, and its ability to influence the behaviour and mood of consumers. In an increasingly competitive consumer market, major retailers and hotel operators have recognised scenting as an innovative and highly effective way to attract and retain customers.

The creation of a beautifully scented environment depends upon 4 critical success factors; designing and manufacturing the Scent Oil, converting that oil into a fine vapour, and distributing that vapour effectively around the occupied zone. Fläkt Woods and its partners have forged a unique alliance, providing World Class solutions to all 4 requirements. 



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