Centriflow Plus PM

A world record fan that maximizes the advantages of permanent magnet motor. 

Fläkt Woods expands its plug fan range with a permanent magnet motor version, Centriflow Plus PM. The fans are supplied with high IE4 efficiency permanent magnet motors and a speed controller. The high efficiency is based on rare earth permanent magnets which eliminate rotor losses and therefore less magnetizing current is drawn from the power supply network. This in turn results in lower temperatures inside the motor guaranteeing thereby a long life time for the bearings. Permanent magnet motors are based on IEC standard frame sizes but they are typically smaller than traditional AC-motors with the same nominal output.

Centriflow Plus PM range consists now in the beginning of seven fan sizes. The range covers air flows up to 3,5 m3/s and the maximum pressure rise is 1800 Pa.


For further information, please contact:
Tapio Pekkala
tel. +358 40 8683535


Centriflow Plus PM

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