Supplying air handling requirements for IKEA in Norway

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Fläkt Woods is providing the air handling requirements for the new IKEA store in Kristiansand, south Norway, supplying the store with 13 large EU air handling units, working on behalf of the GK Group.

Air Handling Units from Fläkt Woods to IKEA Kristiansand, Norway

Engineers from Fläkt Woods suggested a specific range of the company’s EU products, varying in size from 41 through to 62. This included the EU air handlers with high efficiency fans equipped with airflow measurement devices. The 13 supply and exhaust EU units feature run-around coil recovery systems, heating, integrated local cooling and integrated local controls with connection to a BMS system for the new 35.000 m² store.
The EU range provides all needed functionality and a high degree of flexibility. HVAC for new large retail centres is a complex mixture of requirements. A critical factor in specific areas is comfort cooling, with as little air movement as possible, a high degree of energy efficiency and low draught displacement.

Air Handling Units from Fläkt Woods to IKEA Kristiansand, Norway

Assisting companies in the retail sector requires a specialist approach from the service provider, as a malfunction of a centre’s building services could prove to be very costly for the retailer, so it is important that the products provided meet the precise requirements of the customer.

GK is one of Scandinavia's leading indoor air quality groups, providing indoor air quality solutions for new and existing buildings in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The Company won the contract to supply the building services on this IKEA store which is located very close to Sorlandsparken, located next to a horse racing track.