Energy efficient climate system for new Head
Office in Sweden

Fläkt Woods has recently secured an order to install their eQ Air Handling Units with integrated Controls, Combi Coolers and Chilled Beams in an innovative headquarters building for Eurostair in Karlstad, Sweden.

Eurostair manufactures stairs, including spiral staircases, fire escape stairs and industrial stairs. Historically, the Company has had its base in Karlstad and it recently took the decision to build a new bespoke headquarters building in the City. In keeping with its location on the banks of Lake Vänern, architects Westelius has created a new headquarters building characterised by natural building materials including wood, glass and stone, and most importantly, water. This water element has been a main component in the design of the building, offering staff a unique workplace and transforming an industrial building into something really special.

The eQ range is a new, highly adaptable air handling unit, offering a range of individual features; intelligent controls, energy efficient components and a flexible design. By combining these into one system, Fläkt Woods has achieved the best energy solutions possible. Fläkt Woods’ Combi Cooler provides completely new opportunities when planning and specifying cooling systems. The Combi Cooler module can be integrated and mounted directly into the air handling unit. It is particularly suitable for use with chilled beam systems.

In Karlstad, cooling is provided using Fläkt Woods chilled beams. These can be adjusted almost like a ceiling diffuser with a complete range of functions required for all indoor climates. The system’s flexibility means it can also be used with Fan Coils or ceiling-mounted Cassette Chilled Beams. As the Combi Cooler replaces other components, such as liquid coolers and external condensers, the unit takes up little space. The Combi Cooler is integrated into the air handling unit so all components are located in the plant room, avoiding outdoor or roof installation.

Today when the water town of Karlstad is building more and more homes and buildings near the water, Eurostair will be first with a conscious commitment to a "near water" work with a breathtaking outlook from office buildings impressive glass façade towards the water.