Fläkt Woods launches air handling units and the new chilled beams in MagiCAD and Revit



The Fläkt Woods air handling units are now available in Revit
MagiCAD has now released an integration to Acon so that air handling units can be used in Revit. The purpose of Fläkt Woods Revit plug-in is to use Acon directly from MagiCAD for Revit or Revit as a product configurator when adding Fläkt Woods products into project. Fläkt Woods Revit plug-in calls Fläkt Woods selection software (Acon) with input parameters to calculate the device, transfer device geometry, technical data and calculation results from Acon into Revit.

New chilled beams in MagiCAD
The new chilled beams launched recently are now available in MagiCAD for Autocad and Revit. You can integrate Wega, Wega Power and Nova in their drawings directly from the Fläkt Woods Group database implemented in MagiCAD. You can of course still use the ExSelAir plug-in for MagiCAD and Revit. 

For further information, please contact:
Julien Musset
Fläkt Woods Group
ACS Marketing & Communication Manager
Tel: + 33 6 82 58 05 28
E-mail: julien.musset@flaktwoods.com