At Fläkt Woods you would join an environment which values the development of its employees. Across the Group we support and encourage learning opportunities for teams and individuals at all levels. We have an established Leadership Programme and the Fläkt Woods 'Academy of Excellence' provides accessible bite sized e-learning to a global audience. We aim to provide an environment where you can deepen your knowledge, hone your skills and boost your confidence whilst providing you with the support, challenges and inspiration to do so. Here at Fläkt woods we strive to be an employer of choice and highly value the expertise that our teams and colleagues bring to the Business. We hope you will join us to become part of our global community as part of a leading supplier of Air-Technology based solutions for Buildings, Infrastructure and Industry.

If you are willing to be part of our global community, please send your cv to info@flaktwoods.com. You can also check our local web sites for current job offerings in specific markets/countries/plants. Links to the local sites are available on the start page.