Fläkt Woods Group is a global leader in air technology solutions. We are focusing on two areas in which the Group has an extensive experience - Air Comfort and Fire Safety.

Air Comfort - Every day we consume 1 kg of food and drink 2 litres of water, but we inhale approximately 20 000 litres of air. People expect high indoor comfort, property owners need profitable and energy efficient buildings, and environmental targets should be achieved or surpassed.
We help you to achieve that. With over 100 years of experience, that is what our customers
have come to expect from us.

Fire Safety - Fläkt Woods is a pioneer in the fire safety field, having built up vast applicational knowledge through involvement in many major construction projects. The ability to offer a full package of equipment, coupled with our vast experience, makes Fläkt Woods the ideal provider of fire safety solutions.
All our products are CE marked.

Five product families

We provide five product families declined in an extensive products portfolio driven by energy savings and customer values.

  • Air Diffusion
  • Air Treatment
  • Air Distribution
  • Air Management
  • Air Movement

Air Diffusion
Air diffusers and chilled beams are designed to ensure high quality indoor climate whilst providing advanced functionalities: draughts free, VAV, air distribution adjustment and flexible construction.

Air Treatment
Air handling units integrate components for highly efficient and reliable solutions: energy recovery system, SEMCO, EC and PM motors, integrated controls and reversible heat pump.

Air Distribution
Veloduct round ducting for best-in-class tightness. Veloduct (600°C, 2 hours) for fi re safety application.

Air Management
IRIS Original enables easy air management for commissioning and balancing, whereas Optivent products offer the Demand Controlled Ventilation feature. CE marked dampers for fire application complete the range.

Air Movement
All fans from Fläkt Woods are designed for general air movement, but we also offer special applications that protect against events such as emergency high temperature smoke extraction, pressurisation, and explosive atmospheres.

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